Political jewellery is about perspective: the ability to communicate an individual’s or group’s isolation and pessimism, and convert it to a method of communication to bring together people wanting to share values, beliefs or ideals, all in a single action.

Identity, gender, and consciousness is always a theme within politics and political jewellery, but it is the values and views of those within a movement, for example progressive, oppressive, or radical, that creates the debate.

The beliefs of many can be divided into segments, namely those who have invented those messages, the patrons of the jewellery, then those whose job is to proclaim and eulogise the meaning, and, finally, the wearer.

Life and art forms in the method of jewellery are in themselves part of evolution – the politics of jewellery shows the image of what is now and the promise of what is to come, where it may be deemed radical one day and merely “different” another.

One may define it as a struggle; the other may define it as progress.

Jewellery needs two elements to advance: first, a challenge to evolve thinking from expression of freedom to the freedom of expression. Second, to partake in a revolution to destroy the taboos and barriers that culture and tradition have built.

Jewellery is, at its purest, about the formation of community and communication, where individuality no longer has to struggle to be heard above the din of cloned thinking.

Photo Credits: Simon B. Armitt