Political Jewellery

Azadi in Cage

We are witnesses to
freedom being abandoned
by autonomy.

Anti-War Gas Mask – “Children of Adam"

Gas mask with brass Persian calligraphy

Persian calligraphy from 13th century Persian poet, Sadi, “Bani Adam” (Children of Adam):

“If you’ve no sympathy for human pain,

The name of human you cannot retain!”

“Pawns” Chess Set

Sterling Silver, Bronze

‘Pawns’ relates to the most extreme form of protest – war: a highly emotive and evocative subject throughout mankind’s history.

Politics, religion, money, and natural resources, are all causes of wars, and these are all represented on the stage within this work in their own way.

The chess board is made from sand and soil, both which represent another cause of war – “land” – as well as the battlefield.

Mythical Necklace

Sterling Silver

25cm X 15cm

Is peace a reality or a mythical ideal?

"Imprisoned Dove" Medal

8cm X 8cm

The calligraphic patterns of the outside represents propaganda, the dove imprisoned on the inside represents peace.